Darth Maul's Revenge

Marc Casanova of Chandler, AZ created this unbelievable rocket -- a 36 motor cluster named Darth Maul's Revenge powered by one G55, six F24's, six E9's, and 23 C6's. This is equivalent to a J391 with 735Ns of impulse. As if the cluster wasn't unique enough, Darth Maul's Revenge is equally unusual on both ends -- the tail holds the mega-cluster and the nose is the cap from a shampoo bottle molded in the likeness of the Star Wars antagonist. Marc also designed a special ignition system and launch controller to assure mission success for his insane clusters. On his first flight Marc lit 35 out of 36 motors, and in his second flight all thirty-six motors lit and powered to rocket to 1849 feet. Click here for video.

Clockwise from left:
  • Proof that all thirty-six motors lit. That's alot of charred nozzles!
  • Top view of the motor section berfore flight.
  • Marc shows off the business end of the prepped and ready Darth Maul's Revenge.
  • Marc poses with Darth Maul. Marc is on the right.

Darth Maul's Revenge began as a lowly 19 motor cluster. Below are the original version. It flew numerous times in this configuration on a central D12-7 surrounded by 18 C6-7 motors.

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