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"I really enjoyed your sense of humor, along with helpful hints and great presentation. Keep up the good work. I will definately check back from time to time to see whats new."
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Thanks for stopping by! Rocket Team Vatsaas is how the Vatsaas brothers, Brad, Rick and Mark (plus the occasional honorary inductee) stay in touch and enjoy their favorite hobby. Between the three of us our interests cross the spectrum from low to high power. We prefer scratch-built rockets over kits, and with our original designs we strive to be as original as possible. Our more recent inventions tend to appear as though they're in the advanced stages of some bizarre glandular condition.

Blowfish Avenger

The provocatively named

The Rocket Formerly
Known as Black!

Happy Birthday Party Napkin
Rocket of the Apocalypse


There's nothing unique about brothers hanging out together -- except that Rick lives in Minneapolis, Mark lives in Denver, and Brad lives in Phoenix. So a common interest in Rocketry is really a great way to stay close despite the unavoidable logistical challenges this presents (especially on our joint projects!).

You'll find pictures of our rocket fleet on the Arsenal page, and from there you can access any corresponding descriptive articles. We'll write one if there is anything noteworthy about the design, construction, or background of that particular design.

Unlike some other rocket enthusiasts, the sky is definitely NOT the limit when it comes to expenses. We have some big projects, but most of them require a very modest budget -- you could duplicate any rocket you find here and still make your car payment. Our Construction Tips will tend to veer toward frugality and using the limited tools at our disposal. And if there is a lesson to be learned from the mistakes we've made along the way, we're not too proud to share those either.

Latest Team Project

We wouldn't be a team if we didn't have a major endeavor that required teamwork and coordination. We'll update this home page to feature our most recent adventures in vertical flight with a direct link to bring you straight to the project of the day. Click [HERE!] to go directly to the index of our biggest and best team projects -- including the 1/16 scale 22-foot tall Saturn V, the 42% Scale Standard Missile and our perpetual project, the SpaceShipOne!

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