Evil Bert Takes Wing

Background: Bert with Osama bin Laden

Rick and Mark were visiting Brad's house in October 2001 for the GHS 2001 launch in Phoenix. The world was still shocked over the outrage of the September 11th attack on America, but a month had passed and people were beginning to come to the realization that we had to reclaim the American way of life. It had seemed like a long time since we felt good about laughing, and patriotic cartoons lampooning the newest Enemy of the State, Osama bin Laden, were beginning to be prevailent - but there is never as good a comedy as real life, and the best laughs came from the radical Islamic extremists themselves, as reported in a CNN.com story published October 11.

These pictures of Bert with Osama bin Laden showed up in posters carried by anti-American demonstrators during violent protests in Bangladesh. The posters show a variety of images of Osama bin Laden; but over the left shoulder of the largest image of the terrorist is a smaller image of Bert beside a smaller image of bin Laden. (It appears that the photo in question, in which an angry Bert can be seen alongside bin Laden, was lifted from the Internet by the creators of the protest posters in Bangladesh.)

As the three Vatsaas brothers laughed over this buffoonery, conversation quickly moved from conjecture over whether Bert is really bin Laden's 'felt-skinned henchman' to the aerodynamic qualities of Bert's head. We started joking about a Bert rocket being our team project for 2002.

Be careful what you joke about.

Our original thought was to build another large team project, a big rocket resembling Bert, and somehow we would figure out a way to craft a Bert head from scratch. It probably wouldn't have been all that difficult, actually. But one day I decided on a whim to see what kind of Sesame Street paraphenalia might be available on eBay - maybe a giant Bert piggy bank or something. The discovery of the Bert puppet instantly changed the direction of the project.

I got a really good deal on the first one because the nose had obviously been used as a chew toy by some teething toddler. That sent Mark to eBay, and he had to drop out of several bidding wars (the puppets were too pristine). Mark also got another puppet for Rick, who was balking at the project as being 'too derivitive' and had other projects burning up his pin money. So Mark gave him all the required pieces as a Christmas gift.

Our goal is to make our GHS 2002 Team Project a Bert drag race - four Bert puppets, each flying on a two-motor cluster of Aerotech G motors.

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The Evil Bert Gang.
Evil Bert has been charged with 'Contributing to the Delinquency of a Muppet.'
This group is suspect in several different wilding episodes in the vicinity of Hooper's Store.

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