GHS 2002 Halloweener Flight

The Halloweener gets pulled of the hooks in Brad's garage only once a year for the GHS launch in October. This year it almost didn't fly due to damage it took in 2001 - but Mark decided that the Halloweener needed a new look anyway, and fashioned new fins for it - and even texturized the fins and the entire airframe with a bumpy, leathery look. Details on the construction of the Halloweener are available [HERE].

The flight on an I161 was awesome. It rushed beautifully up a vertical path, and leaned upwind as it reached apogee. For a moment it seemed to soar on its bat-like wings. Then it ejected its chutes, and the head and body floated back separately. Despite careful trajectory calculations Brad was only able to hit his work associate, Juergen Erkert, with the pumpkin after it bounced once off the ground.

Click [HERE] for Details on the construction of the Halloweener!

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